Fully Automatic Beewax Foundation Machine 3 lines

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Fully Automatic Beewax Foundation Machine 3 lines

Roller Size: 750mm x Ø170mm, cylindrical mold
Optional Cell Size: 4,7 – 4,8 – 4,9 – 5,0 – 5,1 – 5,2 – 5,3 – 5,4
Roller Metal: Special Alloy.
Production Capacity: 40-45 kg/hour.
Output: 3 Lines
Round Knives: 2×4 Pieces.
Material of Mainbody: Inox-304 Stainless Steel.
Power Supply: 220 Volt, 3kW, Mono Phase.
Control Pannel: Wax and Water Temperature Measurement Devices, Counter, Motor Drives, Water Motor, Line Cooler, Roller, Water Cooler, Lighting, Roller Cooler, Heater, Cutter, Emergency.
Labor: Could be operated by one employee.
Warranty: 2 years. Operating errors, carelessness and negligence are except of warranty but within service.
Machine’s all electric systems are able to adjusted by control pannel
With the Motor Drives, rollers could be moved forward and backward and wax could be set at the desired speed in kg/hour by digital control system.
Desired width is adjusted by moving the round knives as required and the length is adjusted by digital counter sensor on control pannel.
Water and Wax temperature are continiously under controlled by digital thermometer.
Optimum Room Temperature is between 18°C-26°C.
There are wet foam rubbers in the round knives.
There are 2 emergency stop buttons on the machine.
Power Consumption: max. 3kW/saat. (when all electrical components are in operation)
Pneumatic System is used on Cutter.
The machine water is kept under control by the condenser fan system.
There is a controllable fan on the machine band to cool the beeswax.
Water capacity is up to 100lt, does not require external water.
There is filtration in Water Tank.
The liquid wax is fed to the roller from a wax transfer tank with a capacity of 10lt.
The foundation sheets are stacked on moving lifting table

(2 x 240KG CAPACITY)

All electric systems are able to adjusted by control pannel.
Control Panel: Ventil Heater, Canal Heater, Digital Heat Control, Melter Tank(Heater).
Power Supply: 220V/380V(Suggested)
Power Consumption: 6 kW/Hour.
2 Walled + 1 Walled Isulation(Glass Wool)
Mainbody: Inox 304 Stainless Steel
Float Valve
Valve and Gutter with heater system
Power Consumption: 6 kW/Hour
Heating Type: Water(max 95°C) or Heat Transfer Oil(Max 120°C)
Heat Insulation
Lid with Silicon Seal

Fully Automatic Beewax Foundation Machine 3 lines